Our Poodles

I got my first poodle at the end of the year 1973. She was a black miniature bitch named Wintell´s Afrodite. Pet named “Titta”. She was one of 6 pups of her breeders Tellervo Pietilä first litter. All six wer made upp Champions. 

 I was a teenaged boy, who has no any ideas about dogs or dogshows at all. But before we got a dog in our family I had somehow a dream to  to have a hobby with dogs. I have allway loved animals. It was a great luck that my first dog was bred by  such a talented breeder like “Telle” Pietilä. I am ever so thankful for her all of the  patience and the advices for the young boy I was that time. She was one of the cleverest breeders and groomer at that time. I was the luckiest one to learn the most what I know about Poodles and the grooming of.  So my first poodle was C.I.B & SCAND & FI & SE NO CH FIW-76 Wintell´s Afrodite d.o.b 12.7.1973

C.I.B & SCAND & FI & SE & NO CH FIW-76 Wintell´s Afrodite (by C.I.B CH Napoleon of Countess ex FI CH Amara)